At the biginning, the renovation and the intérior decoration of a house

Visiting many houses, it appears to me that the  interior decoration is often and more and more standardised.

For me, no house should look like an other. On the contrary, each house should at first look like her inhabitants (maybe it's the other way around !). It's also important, I think, to change the atmosphere when you  move from a room to another room while keeping the same warm ambiance.

During the renovation of our house, these 2 parameters where taken into account for the decoration and interior design of each room. But, in our case there are a third parameter because, as our house is a fine old traditional mud house with a soul, we had also to consider the personality of this old women.

Thus most of the time, we used (or keeped) natural materials for wall, floor and ceilings siding in order to get the warm ambiance dear to my heart and to respect this old building. However, in no way we wanted to live in a museum and we introduced every where some touches of modernity which look like us.

It appears to me that the use of mosaic was indispensable. Enameled terracotta, earthenware, glass paste, pebbles... On the floor or on the wall. To protect surfaces, decorate, or hide an unsightly element ! Mosaic allow to create decoration sober or at the contrary completely extravagant and, any way, to change a room in a unique place.

Sgraffito en argileMarche

And when the time arrived to supply the house with functional and indispensable accessories as clock, clotheshanger, etc, I wanted these objects to be not only practical and nice, but also original and unseen. It seemed to me that our house, because we love it, deserved that I take time to make it the suitable accessories, decorative and useful in the same time.

Portemanteaux sdb

The birth of a company of creation of decorative objects

Atelier DécodilleOne day, I thought that if my products seem to be worthy of our house so why not propose them to  people who want to customise their interior with original objects .

My original training is scientific and technical and, after more than 15 years in the world of the show, 3 years in the field of information systems management and 5 years in the training sector, I decided that I will devote my professionnal activity to design and production ofdecorative objects.

That's how Décodille was born at the begining of 2018 in the dependencies of a farm in Isère.

Modelling, moulding and collage

I made my first model in raw earth. Quickly, I prefered working with plastiline which allows a more flexible use.

As the shape of my objects is generally quite curved, silicon turned out the perfect product for manufacturing moulds. It allows to reproduce exactly every detailsof a model and an easy demoulding.

Concerning materials for my copies, I began to use concrete which is easy to work, with soft colours and bubbles which appear where they are not expected. Then for technical reasons, some objects needed the use of resin whose I could appreciate the résistance and the ability to imitate others materials. Of course, mosaic came rapidly to join these materials to give radiance. Thus, thanks to it, each copy is unique.

Gaudi and "Art nouveau"

I had already created a few mosaics in the house and  I tended to emphasise curves and rounded corner when I went to Barcelona and  visit lthe buildings designed and built by Gaudi. From this trip, I brougt back a more marked preference for sinuous lines and assymmetry. I was charmed by modern stained glass which decorate the openings and, of course, the mosaics whic play with the light. All theses things allow to create the harmony that I look for.

Generally, I love the architecture and the decorative arts of the Art Nouveau movement and, specifically,  catalan modernism.